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千葉の日本酒 睦沢町の純米大吟醸 睦水 JUNMAI DAIGINJO BOKUSUI japanese sake

Our sake is proudly produced using locally sourced rice grown exclusively in Mutsuzawa Town, Chiba, Japan.

The name of our sake translates to, “a special sake to be enjoyed together.”

Our rice is cultivated using pure organic fertilizers with a reduced application of pesticides. This process has been authenticated and licensed by Chiba Ecology Agricultural Products.
Our logo depicts the image of a Mountain and The Night Sky beautifully reflected onto the surface of the Water in a Tranquil Rice Paddy.

Promoted by: Mutsuzawa Planning and Industry Marketing Department
For info: 0475-44-2505

Junmai Daiginjo “Bokusui” Sake features a light and fragrant aroma coupled with a gentle taste and a well defined flavor.

The rice used in our sake is specially milled so that less than 40% of the original size of the grain remains. Our Junmai Daiginjo Sake is carefully crafted to have a low fat and low protein content and has absolutely no alcohol added. Utilizing this complex approach in addition to a low temperature fermentation process greatly enhances the pleasant fruity aroma and soft taste of the sake.

Mutsuzawa Town’s original sake rice cultivation project began in 2016.

The special sake rice is produced by local, independent rice farmers who have contracted with the town of Mutsuzawa to cultivate high quality rice which is the most important ingredient in fine sake.

High-Quality Japanese Craft Sake Locally Produced 
by Inahana Brewery Since 1818

Junmai Daiginjo “Bokusui” sake is meticulously hand crafted by Inahana Brewery, which was founded 200 years ago, between the years of 1818-1830. The master craftsman at Inahana Brewery utilize classic and traditional sake brewing methods complimented by modern technological advancements.

What is Junmai Daiginjo?
Junmei refers to pure sake, which is pure in the sense that no alcohol, starches or sugars other than rice are added to the fermenting mixture.
Daiginjo refers to sake that is fundamentally very delicate, light and complex. Strict agricultural standards, labor intensive techniques, special yeast, and lower fermentation temperatures have been used in it’s creation and Daiginjo sake is representative of the pinnacle of the craft.

Mutsuzawa rice is famous because of it’s moist, sticky texture.

Our rice is cultivated by engaging in environmentally friendly and safe sustainable agricultural methods. The rice hull is mixed with locally sourced organic cow manure to create a special blend of extremely pure organic fertilizer.

Only the most carefully selected and approved fertilizers and pesticides are used in the cultivation of our rice. Our synthetic chemical pesticides and organic fertilizers have been tested and certified by Chiba Ecology Agricultural Products. This government agency administers strict guidelines and is primarily focused on environmentally safe and eco-friendly agricultural practices.

Where can I buy Junmei Daiginjo Sake?
Mutsuzawa Town -Tsudoi no Sato Mutsuzawa – This market offers Locally grown Rice, Locally grown Fruits and Vegetables, Sweets and Sake (Gift Wrapping Available)

Directions to Mutsuzawa Town:
Mutsuzawa Town is located in Chiba Prefecture, on the Boso Penninsula, only one hour from Tokyo by train.
Local Weather is usually warm and offers a nice ocean breeze.

Traveling to Mutsuzawa by Car:
From Tokyo, take the Keiyo Express Tollway to Mobara Junction.
Then take Road #128 to Mutsuzawa Town.

From Kanogawa, use the Tokyo Bay Aqualine to the Kenou Tollway, exit the Mobara Chounan Interchange and take Road #409 to Mutsuzawa Town.

Traveling to Mutsuzawa by Train:
From Tokyo, take the Sotobo Line to Kazusa Ichinomiya via Express Wakashio Train.
Taxi or Bus service is available from the Ichinomiya Station.

Mutsuzawa Town Websites: